Black Tumblr Themes
send a color on anon

Scarlet - I like you.

Teal - I’d date you.

Red - I love you

Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Purple - I miss you.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Brown - I don’t like you.

Green - I like your tumblr.

Black - I hate you

White - Delete your tumblr.

Lavender - give me your mortal soul/skype

Reblog and see if you get a color.

PURPLE:  We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.
FUCHSIA:  I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.
GREY:  You leave me with jumbled words.
RED:  I'm in love with you.
PINK:  I have a crush on you.
TURQUOISE:  You're hot.
CHARTREUSE:  I sincerely wish you would notice me.
TEAL:  We have quite a lot in common.
BLUE:  You are my Tumblr crush.
ORANGE:  I dislike your page.
GREEN:  I find you cute.
BLACK:  I would date you.
BROWN:  I dislike you


Being an atheist is ok.
Being an atheist and shaming religion and spirituality as silly or not real is not ok.

Being a Christian is ok.
Being a homophobic, misogynistic, racist, or otherwise hateful person in the name of Christianity is not ok.

Being a reindeer is ok.
Bullying and excluding another reindeer because he has a shiny red nose is not ok.


introducing myself in the first day of school